Tips To Lose Weight                The people all over the world are spending Billions of Dollars on Food Supplements which assists losing weight. But many of them are not even be able to lose even a single Kilogram/Pound, because there are several fake products in the market, which does more harm than losing weight.                   There is no need to face such thing in selecting a good Food Supplements to lose weight if you keep the following points in your mind.   1. Consult your Family Doctor and get prescriptions from him a good food supplement to lose the weight, because he knows better your health history and allergic problems if any.  2. The   G ood Doctors never prescribe fast weight losing formulations as they are proved to be harmful. Further some prescriptions includes reduce appetite, absorb fats, increases metabolic activities etc. Some may cause side effects such as increase in blood pressure, heart, problem, rashes, allergic etc. Hence, before using it sh